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Why did I take the word “insurance” out of my vocabulary

Some cases will take years to materialize. When I started working in the high networth market, there was a particular client that took about three years from the day I met him (cold call) to the day we shook hands…

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Don’t serve rabbit food to an elephant and ask if he’s full

I love the show Billions, there are so many real life take aways and some I’ve applied to my business but, BUT, the key is knowing what approach to use, with whom and when. The subtle art of distinction. A…

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Post Ads-to-Craigslist

How I met one of on my best clients on Craiglists

Buy a 200K sports car, list it on Craigslist for 160K with a foot note: *Please no dealer, no shipping to your Algerian cousin, serious buyer only. The only inquiries you’ll get will be from wealthy asian students, well off…

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